Dovbush rocks

Dovbush cliffs are a rock and cave complex, a unique monument of history and nature.

Carpathian tram

Take a trip to the Carpathian Tram. The tram slowly lets you along the shores of the ecologically pure river of Mizunka fabulous places that sometimes turn into a real exotic

Center for the inheritance of Vygodsky narrow-gauge railway

An interactive exposition will introduce visitors to the natural features of the region and the Carpathian ecosystem as a whole.

Museum "Boykivshchyna"

Museum "Boykivshchyna" - collections of materials and subjects on ethnography and culture of Boykivshchyna, a significant cultural and educational center of the city.

Goshiv Monastery "Yasnaya Gora"

Goshiv Monastery "Yasnaya Gora", known in Ukraine and abroad due to the wonderful icon of the Mother of God, which is located in the monastery temple.

Lake Synevir

Synevir is the largest lake in the Ukrainian Carpathians.

Palanok Castle"

Visit Palanok Castle - a unique example of medieval fortification architecture.

Waterfall "Shiipit"

Waterfall "Shipit" is a hydrological monument of nature of local significance.

Conquer the mountains

Conquer the mountains

Collecting mushrooms, berries and herbs

Collecting mushrooms, berries and herbs

Museum "Old Village"

Museum "Stare Selo" - the first village museum of architecture and everyday life in Transcarpathia.

Mizunski waterfalls

Mizunskie waterfalls - a cascade of small waterfalls behind the village of Novy Mizun Dolynsky district.

Velo Park "Bike Park"

Bicycle park with a lift "Bike Park". The route for cyclists.